Sometimes there just isn't much to say!

Hello Sageheads!  Here we are in July already and el-bloggo is out of date.  We continue to do gigs and to write new songs.  We went to Buffalo, WY with The Jones Gang and a good time was had by all. I got to sing "Someday Soon" as part of their workshop on the role of pedal steel, which featured one of our dearest buddies, David Phillips.   Henry and I made a vacation out of the front part of the trip and the part after their shows. There would have been gigs for us too if I wasn't such an abysmal booker.  For now, we're just going to concentrate on finishing enough songs to make a killer Americana recording. Knowing us, it won't be pure Americana, which there is no such thing as anyway, since Americana is a blend.  But I'm sure there will be something to turn off the music fascists, as that seems to be our signature!  So there.   That's it for now...

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