They call their music Ameri-kind-uh, as their tunes repeatedly stray over the Americana border, blending country, pop, blues, beatnik jazz, swing, and old hippie influences. Songwriters Henry (piano, accordion, vocals) and Kathleen Salvia (vocals, acoustic guitar) can be seen around the SF Bay Area as a duo, or in various permutations including the 7 member Flying Salvias Orkestra.

No Sky July  

It was difficult for me to celebrate the Fourth of July this year. I'm so angry with the Supreme Court, I could spit. Russia's aggression toward Ukraine is unconscionable. Migrants all over the world desperate for a better life are dying in semi-truck trailers. Then we have the January 6 hearings, and of course, the never ending Pandemic. But I don't want to go into a big rant. I'm too sick at heart to do so, and chances are you may be too. 

Thumper said, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" or something like that. Or maybe it was Thumper's mom. I remember seeing Bambi when I was a little kid.  It cost 25 cents to get in, the theatre was packed and I had to sit on a stair in the aisle, which was kind of cool.  "Mother! Motherrrrr!" still echoes in my brain.  This is tangentially related to the wildfire worries of today.  Spinning a bit, are we, self?

Mother Teresa said, 

"People are unreasonable, illogical and self-centered: Love them anyway.

If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives: Do good anyway.

If you are successful, you will win false friends and enemies: Succeed anyway.

The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow: Do good anyway.

Honesty and frankness makes you vulnerable: Be honest and frank anyway.

What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight: Build anyway.

People really need your help but they may attack you if you help them: Help people anyway.

Give the world the best you've got and the world will kick you in the teeth: Give the best you've got anyway!"  

Don't we all feel just a little bit better now? Go in peace, my friends!








The songs Kathleen & Henry Salvia write will truly soar when the Flying Salvias Orkestra takes wing:

SATURDAY JUNE 4, 7:30 P.M.                                      MILDRED OWEN CONCERT HALL                                        1220 LINDA MAR BLVD. PACIFICA

With lyrics contemplating the mystery of creation, riffing on Shakespeare, visiting a friend in jail, comparing misguided love with chameleon car paint, or swinging from depression and doubt to simple joy; and wrapped in the rhythms of beatnik jazz, swing, rock, country, folk, rhumba, samba, or whatever groove they deem appropriate at the time. This refusal to linger long in any one musical lane also holds true of the cover tune detours The Flying Salvias occasionally take.  This is Ameri-kinda!   

You’re going to want to listen, but you may also find dancing irresistible from time to time.  You will cry, but other times, you will also find it impossible not to laugh. You are also allowed to sing along if it doesn’t bug your neighbor.  Do what makes you happy, and The Flying Salvias will be happy, too! 

“Kathleen’s got a set of pipes that can go from torch to sweet little charmer. Henry’s skill on keys and accordion defines jaw-dropping.”  Jean Bartlett, Pacifica Tribune 

To Henry, Kirk Hammett of Metallica says: "You are seamless. You play clavinet like Stevie Wonder.”  (Disclosure: This means Henry knew the songs they were gonna play.  Also, no clavinet will be present in the Mildred Owen Concert Hall on June 4.) 

Over the years, Houston Jones, Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir, Emmylou Harris, Big Lou’s Dance Party, Peter Rowan, Joe Cocker, Barbara Morrison, Tom Waits, Denny Laine, and Metallica have all had the pleasure of working with one or more members of The Flying Salvias Orkestra. 

The Flying Salvias Orkestra: 

Kathleen Salvia, vocals; Henry Salvia, keyboards, vocals; 

Philbillie, guitar; David Phillips, pedal steel; 

David Golia, bass; Ken Owen, drums; John Pearson, percussion 


Presenter: Pacifica Performances. Location: Mildred Owen Concert Hall, 1220A Linda Mar Blvd. (in the building with the colorful mural) Pacifica,  In-person: $23.00 non-members, $18.00 members. Available online or at the door. Starting time: 7:30 p.m., doors open at 7:00 p.m. The Pacifica Performances office is not open Friday after 1:00 pm, or at all on Saturday or Sunday to receive calls or emails.


May writing - RIP, Pops!


ROBERT JOSEPH ENRIGHT, our dad, passed away peacefully on Sunday, May 15, 2022, at the Petaluma home of his daughter Mary, son-in-law Jack, and granddaughter Elaine, where he had resided for the past 3 years. He had always loved animals. At Mary’s, he had a merry band of dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, ducks, horses and cows who were happy to keep him company. 

A San Francisco native, he was born February 5, 1928 to parents Joseph and Margaret Enright. His little brother, Jack Marlowe, came along 3 years later. Their lives on Broad Street would be permanently altered in 1939 when father Joe, employed as a dock checker on the SF Embarcadero, and active in Union politics, was run down (along with co-worker Arthur Keane) by a semi-truck one night.  The driver stopped long enough to “make sure he’d done the job,” and then took off. 

Raised by his mom who would remain single all her days, they went to live for several years with Aunt Vi, Uncle Al Gander, and cousins Maureen and Gael. Dad eventually would commute from Burlingame to Sacred Heart High School in San Francisco, graduating in 1946. 

He enlisted in the National Guard, serving from 1947 to 1953. 

He began working while still in high school and worked hard throughout his life to take care of his family. He was a golf caddy, postal worker, file clerk for the State, and a shipyard worker in South San Francisco. 

Ultimately, he joined the Building & Construction Trades Teamsters Union Local 216 and embarked on a long career as a cement truck driver, working for Bodie, Balboa Building Materials, PCA, Lonestar, and Kaiser. He once confided that there was not a major construction project in downtown San Francisco that did not include one of his cigar butts in its foundation. He briefly tried on a white collar, working for Fireman’s Fund as a Safety Engineer, but the shirt just didn’t fit right, and he went back to truck driving.  He drove a gas truck for Standard Oil while also attending night school at USF studying Accounting, which came in handy, but played second fiddle to the hum of the truck engine. The young family he would eventually have lived through at least one Union strike.  

He was at a YLI dance with his crew of “jolly boys” when he met Cecilia Tollini. They fell in love and he sold his car to buy her an engagement ring. She became his wife in 1949. The Jolly Boys showed up at the Russian River stop on their honeymoon trip, but Cecilia took it in stride. He loved her and was so proud of her intelligence and accomplishments. They would have five children and remain devoted to each other for 68 years until Cee’s death in 2018. The educational and professional success ratio of the kids was pretty good, and Dad was proud of us, but Mom remained the gold standard. 

Bob and Cee took up residence in the Westlake neighborhood of Daly City in August 1951, where they raised their family. They were founding members of Our Lady of Mercy Parish and Bob was active with the Westlake Catholic Men, working the bingo games and the annual church festival. Opening and operating “The Kiddie Corner” children’s store in St. Francis Square Shopping Center was “a learning experience”. For years, Bob also tended to the Tollini Apts. on Van Ness Ave., maintaining the property for Cee’s mom and also helping Nonna with her bookkeeping. And he kept on working: he even sold magazines door-to-door after getting home from his day job. In the midst of all, there remained the priority of seeing his kids play sports or perform in recitals.

He was a member of the Olympic Club and the Northern California Golf Assn. 

Once the kids were grown and pretty much taking care of themselves, Bob and Cee began to travel. They enjoyed cruising and traveling the world, sometimes on their own, with family, or with friends Dario and Kay Baciocco, and Doris and John Muilwyk. 

He is survived by children Kathleen (Henry), Jack (Anne), Richard, Robert (Erin), and Mary (Jack); grandchildren Danny, Lisa, Joseph, Michael, Elaine, Robbie, John, and Kate; great grandchildren Michael, Kaitlyn, and Colin; many Enright nieces and nephews; cousin Gael Rodgers and her family; the Windsor Drive Gang; and relatives and friends nearby and as far away as Ireland. 

He was very proud of his Irish lineage, particularly his Great Uncle Jamie Moynihan, Irish freedom fighter during the years of 1916-1923. 

He did love his Manhattans, which he continued to enjoy up until the week of his passing. 

He always said he was going to have “I told you I was sick” inscribed on his tombstone, but we think he’ll forgive us if we don’t actually do that. 

The family thanks Petaluma Hospice and the Lift & Assist Team of the Petaluma Fire Department for their kindness, caring, and support.



Tickets now available for June 4 Concert! 

Hello SageHeads! 

We’ve got a couple really great Coastside events coming up in May and June. 

In addition to Sunday May 15, 3-6 pm at the San Gregorio Country Store we are especially excited to announce that tickets are now on sale for a concert experience we'd like to share with you:

Pacifica Performances Presents 

The Flying Salvias 

Saturday, June 4, 2022 
7:30 PM 

Mildred Owen Concert Hall 

1220 Linda Mar Blvd, Pacifica 

This will be a fun, wide-ranging show with romance, humor, sadness, joy, and a lot of fun. With Kathleen Salvia on vocals and Henry Salvia on piano, accompanied by a stellar line-up with experience to match The Flying Salvias’ material: David Phillips on pedal steel, David Golia on bass, Philbillie and Travis Jones on guitars, percussionist John Pearson and drummer Ken Owen

In case you didn't know, songwriters Kathleen and Henry Salvia founded the band in 2013, producing 2 CDs with a third in progress. 

Over the years, Houston Jones, Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir, Emmylou Harris, Big Lou's Dance Party, Peter Rowan, Joe Cocker, Barbara Morrison, Tom Waits, Denny Laine, and Metallica have all had the pleasure of working with one or more of The Flying Salvias. 

Doors open 7:00 PM, shows start promptly at 7:30, please arrive on time. 
Limited number of in-person seating available. 

Tickets are available online through the Pacifica Performances website: 

$23.00 general; $18.00 Pacifica Performances members 

With best wishes and hopes to see you all very soon,

Henry and Kathleen


April Showers? 

Hey Sage Heads - Remember the saying, "April showers bring May flowers"?  In view of the major drought we're going through, I feel a revision is in order:  "No showers from above? Make flowers out of love!".  

Lordy, how trite does that sound? How naive. How dumb. Love? Yes, love.  Something in short supply these days, it seems.  I could create an endless list of how bad off the world is today, and I frequently do in my darkest moments.   But anyone who is awake and walking around already knows how bad things are going all over the world.  You don't need to hear that from me.

However, let's not give up yet!  I know love is real. A somewhat intangible emotion perhaps, but with very tangible effects from healing a battered soul to creating a safe haven for people to live. Love is infectious and catching in a good way.

I could go on and on about love. Platitudes abound. As a matter of fact, I just did, but I erased it all.... I'm going to narrow things down to one goal for April with respect to love:

Act kinder than I feel in those frustrating situations where I know it's no one's fault the situation sucks.

On to MUSIC!  Last month I think all who were there will agree that the one-time-only Orkestra was a complete blast.  It was so great to be with our Brisbane friends, our Houston Jones Family, our Jones Gang Family and the fine folks at San Gregorio Store... it truly was a one time good time!  This month, we don't have the full Orkestra, but close, with Henry, Kathleen, Dave Golia, Jerry Kuhel, Ken Owen, John Pearson and David Phillips.  Come on down!  

Sunday, April 10, 2022

3 to 6 pm

San Gregorio Store


Orkestra d'Flying Salvias - one time only! 

Hello SageHeads! 

I’m so excited I can hardly type this!  The extremely unusual and exceptionally fun and talented Orkestra d’Flying Salvias will make a one-time special appearance: 



Hwy 84 & Stage Road, 1 mile east of Hwy 1

In addition to Kathleen and Henry, we will have Jerry Kuhel on mandolin and acoustic guitar; David Phillips on pedal steel; Dave Golia on electric bass; and John Pearson on percussion; plus, we will be joined by very special friends Glenn Pomianek on electric guitar; Chris Key on acoustic bass; and Ken Owen on drums.  You may recall Glenn and Chris from the Houston Jones group. David Phillips has also played with Houston Jones as well as Springhouse. Ken Owen is famous for playing with Maurice Tani, Big Lou, Jinx Jones, and even Emmylou Harris & Buddy Miller.  This will be a rare opportunity!  Don’t miss it! 

Outdoors. All ages. Full bar. Food. Great eclectic shopping. No cover. Tips appreciated (this is a BIG band!)


Welcome to the new year!  We made it.  Kind of.  I can’t wait until it is February 22 2022 – that will be 2/22/22.  These are the kinds of ideas I entertain myself with these days.  However, if you’d like to be entertained, and sooner than 2/22/22 (fun to type!), please join us this Sunday, at the safest place we know to play these days: 

Sunday January 9 – 1:30 to 4:30 pm 

San Gregorio Store 

Hwy 84 & Stage Road 


Full bar, snacks, shopping for eclectic stuff, and the full Flying Salvias Troupe (Kathlen & Henry, Jerry Kuhel, David Phillips, David Golia, John Pearson and special guests!) 

Masks required inside the Store.


Wow. A month went by. Really fast. How come time dragged so slowly when I was waiting to be 21?   

Anyway, the full band, The Flying Salvias Troupe, is back at our clubhouse, San Gregorio Store, this Sunday, September 12 from 2 to 5 pm. Outdoors.  Divine weather, sublime cocktails, interesting shopping, oh yes, and us!!!  No cover as usual. Also as usual, we love the tips. Most people our age don’t go out and get a mortgage but there ya have it.  Only one way they will pry me (Kathleen) out of the dream house in Petaluma… and it’s a cliché I am loathe to write.   

Come and see us on Sunday! 

Peace and love and health to all! 


AUGUST 2021 

Dear Sage Heads: 

Henry and I are now officially Petaluma residents. There are beat up old upright pianos all over downtown Petaluma. We fit right in. 

However, we would never, ever, give up playing at San Gregorio Store, and that’s where we’ll be next Friday the 13th from 5 pm to 7 pm.  We’ll have quite a lineup playing our signature Ameri-kinda music: special guests David Phillips on pedal steel and Big Lou on accordion, plus Jerry Kuhel on guitar and cello, Dave Golia on bass, and John Pearson on percussion.   

Come on down!  It’ll be fun. 

Peace out, 

Henry and Kathleen

JULY 2021 

We're not sure we'll ever get back to, or even ever be normal, but we're definitely getting out of the house more often, and we hope you are, too. Here’s what we're up to in July.   

SUN, JULY 11, 11 AM – 1 PM    SAN GREGORIO STORE   Hwy 84 & Stage Road, 1 mile east of Hwy 1 The entire Flying Salvias Troupe – Henry, Kathleen, Jerry Kuhel on guitar, Diana Greenberg on fiddle, David Golia on bass, and John Pearson on percussion – will be playing. The bar is open, snacks abound, and the shopping is divinely wacky. No cover. Tips gratefully received. 

FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY  - JULY 9-11, 16-18, 23-25 – 8 PM    WOODMINSTER AMPHITHEATRE ALWAYS, PATSY                                                                                  Joaquin Miller Park, Oakland 

Henry and Kathleen are pleased to join the musicians and singers supporting Margaret Belton as Patsy Cline, and Julia Etzel as Patsy’s friend Louise Seger. I, Kathleen, admit this is the first ever actual musical I have ever been in, having shied away from such shenanigans ever since I got rejected in high school. Click on the link for tickets and a synopsis of Always, Patsy, an inspired-by-real-life story. 

In closing, because so many of you are our personal friends, we’re taking this opportunity to let you know that we are moving to Petaluma in a few weeks.  Our phone numbers and emails will remain the same, so we’re not disappearing completely; we may even be closer to some of you.   We don’t plan on ever leaving the San Gregorio Store behind, or Byrd & Beckett or the Ocean Ave Ale House. But maybe, we’ll find some new places to play in the North Bay… we shall see! 

Peace and love forever, 

Henry and Kathleen

Previous events


Flying Salvias

 —  —

San Gregorio Store, Stage Road & Hwy 84, San Gregorio, CA

Welcome to No Sky July! But do not despair, there are still patches of blue poking through. For instance, we believe the weather will be just fine for the Flying Salvias to take off out of San Gregorio Store next Sunday.

We’ll have Henry doing loop-the-loops on the piano; Kathleen's soaring vocals; Jerry Kuhel, daredevil of the guitar and mandolin; David Phillips sliding through the stratosphere with his pedal steel; Dave Golia with bombastic bass barrel rolls; and masters of the air ballet pas de deux, John Pearson on percussion and Tim Orr on traps. Plus special guests Big Lou and Melissa Vivas will be walking the wings on this trip.

No cover, great drinks, snacks, eclectic shopping.


Flying Salvias

Mildred Owen Concert Hall, 1220 Linda Mar Blvd, Pacifica

Get your tickets now to spend an evening in concert with The Flying Salvias.

This will be a fun, wide-ranging show with romance, humor, sadness, joy, and a lot of fun. With Kathleen on vocals and Henry on piano, accompanied by a stellar line-up with experience to match The Flying Salvias’ material: David Phillips on pedal steel, David Golia on bass, Philbillie and Travis Jones on guitars, percussionist John Pearson and drummer Ken Owen. Doors open 7:00 PM, shows start promptly at 7:30. Limited number of in-person seating available. $23.00 general; $18.00 Pacifica Performances members Tickets are available online through the Pacifica Performances website

$23.00 general; $18.00 Pacifica Performances members


Always, Patsy

 —  —

Woodminster Amphitheatre, Joaquin Miller Park, Oakland

Fri/Sat/Sun July 9-11, 16-18, 23-25. This is a based-on-real-life stage musical featuring Margaret Belton as Patsy Cline and Julia Etzel as her friend Louise Seger. Henry plays piano in the Bodacious Bobcats backup band, and Kathleen sings with the "Jordanaires" backup group. Everyone's onstage. It's fun. TICKETS ON SALE BY PHONE NOW • CALL 510-531-9597 Box Office Hours (PDT) Monday through Friday 10am-4pm Saturday 10am-2pm


Flying Salvias

 —  —

San Gregorio Store, Stage Road & Hwy 84, San Gregorio, CA

We are so happy to announce the full Flying Salvias Band will be playing outdoors from noon to 2 on Sunday May 9. Social distancing is the rule of course, but there are tables, chairs, full bar, and snacks available. It's our first time all together since the last time we played at The Store in March, 2020. Stoked! No cover, kids allowed, tips gratefully accepted.


Flying Salvias Livestream from Bird & Beckett

Bird & Beckett You Tube Channel

We are finally acknowledging that what was previously described as a “lack of focus” is actually two separate identities masquerading as The Flying Salvias. So, along those lines, The Flying Salvias will be presenting “The Return of K. N. Right” (Country) and “Pop Goes the Jazzle” (Not Country). What you will hear: A set focusing on K. N. Right material. We’ll revisit a couple tunes from our original Kathy N. Right country CD from years ago, add in several new tunes, and remember our dear friend Kathi Kamen Goldmark by doing the song Kathleen wrote with her, “Older Than Him” aka “The Slut Song.” Pop Goes the Jazzle starts off with “Henry’s Hideaway” which will set the tone and mood for the rest of the set; we've always thought of it as the introduction to a musical. We can't recall ever performing it, so we will be debuting “Henry’s Hideaway” along with a couple other new tunes. This will be the rhythmically and harmonically diverse set!


Flying Salvias Sheltering in Place

 —  —

Our house, Brisbane, CA

We would have had some nice times together, at The Lost Church, The Ocean Ale House, San Gregorio Store, and the Chit Chat Cafe, had not the pandemic happened. We will still have some nice times together as soon as we are allowed to gather. Stay healthy everyone. It's cool to wear a mask!


Be Our Valentine!

 —  —

Chit-Chat Cafe, 5 West Manor Drive, Pacifica, CA

Full band, including special guests, making it possibly the biggest band we've brought to the Chit Chat. Love will be in the air for sure! Henry and Kathleen will be joined by Jerry Kuhel on guitar and electric cello, Diana Greenberg on fiddle, Big Lou on accordion, and our rhythm aces - Dave Golia on bass and John Pearson on percussion. No cover, beer, wine, coffees, sweets and savories.

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The Nature of Things
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